Our show CARÁCTER FLAMENCO is a journey through the Spanish folklore, music and dance, playing from classical Spanish dance to flamenco in its purest and passionate style.


The ballet "FANTASÍA ESPAÑOLA" led by JOSE LEON, performs the dances of this sensational show. Its careful choreography, its rhythm, the huge range of costumes, the spectacular lighting and quality of its dancers make of this show, with no doubt, the best flamenco show in Costa Brava.

Be astonished by the amazing voice of the great singer-tenor SAM, interpreting topics of singular beauty, and with the virtuous DIEGO CORTÉS, one of the greatest Spanish Guitar Masters. Both of them complete a full show of great talent artists.


During dinner the entertainment is guaranteed with our pre-show. The live music of GRAN CASINO Orchestra plays very well-known songs until the show starts.


"FANTASÍA ESPAÑOLA" will let you by the Spanish classical dance to the essence of flamenco dance. The ballet will dance following the rhythm of Zarzuela, Pasodoble, Rumba or Sevillanas, all this music performed with stunning choreography of the famous JOSE LEON and careful staging and fantastic lighting and costumes.


Be amazed by the performance of the Tango-Flamenco and tribute dedicated to Pavarotti or Barcelona ... a gift to our senses.


CARÁCTER FLAMENCO is a live production with a huge dynamism that will seduce you from the beginning with a rhythm "in crescendo" that ends in a bright Grand Finale.

Flamenco Gran Casino is the best memory you can keep of your holidays in Costa Brava !!

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